The 50 Best Wedding Hairstyles: Down, Updos & More

The 50 Best Wedding Hairstyles Down Updos amp More

See the prettiest topknots, ponytails, tousled waves and fishtail braids ever—all the wedding hairstyles right here.

Let’s face it: When it comes to day-of ‘dos, the possibilities for wedding hairstyles are pretty much endless. Between buns, braids, twists and ponytails, there are so many different wedding hairstyles to consider. Feeling overwhelmed by all of the bridal hairstyle options? We don’t blame you. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite wedding hair looks to help narrow your search. If you have no clue which route to take and can’t decide which are the best wedding hairstyles for you, keep the other aspects of your wedding in mind. Imagine what might work best with the atmosphere of your celebration, your dress and your overall comfort level. Having a black-tie soirée in December? A classic topknot or smooth curls might be the perfect fit. An outdoor barn wedding might call for a more casual bridal hairstyle.

To get started on your search for bride hair styles that help you achieve the look you want, we’ve rounded up different wedding hairstyles we love. Scroll through these stunning wedding hair ideas to inspire your day-of look, whether it’s a sleek updo, messy braids or the best version of your natural curls. Once you’ve found your perfect match among these wedding day hairstyles, work with a professional stylist to make it a reality.

1. Classic Low Chignon

Low bun chignon

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, this remains a classic for a reason. Sweep your hair back and pin it into a simple and elegant low chignon. Add in some braids or hair pieces if you’d like, or leave it as is—either way, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Hair by: Jaclyn Beith, Salon 8; Makeup: Ann Mendelsohn, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics

2. Elegant, Vintage-Style Curls

Vintage curls

Tim Waters Photograph

If you have a clear vintage theme for your wedding or if you want an extra touch of glamor, these curls are the way to go. They’ll add just the right touch of luxe to your special day. Another thing we love about this look? It’s absolutely timeless—just like you.

3. Romantic Updo with Flowers

Low updo with flowers

Feng Rui/Storyteller Wedding Photography

For a more relaxed look, opt for a slightly undone bun with some wispy, face-framing pieces. Add in some flowers (we love these small white blooms) to give your wedding updo that extra little touch of romance.

Makeup by: HighShadow Makeup

4. Deep Side Part

Wedding hair short side part

A side part is a glamorous look that can work with any hair type, texture, or length—which is why we love it. Depending on how you style the rest of your tresses, a deep side part can give you an edgy look or give you a soft, romantic feel.

5. Long, Smooth Curls

Wedding hair curly long

Studio Finch

If your tresses have serious length, show off your hair by rocking these gorgeous smooth curls. Have your stylist work some frizz-fighting product through your waves before pictures so they stay shiny and sleek all day.

6. Pinned Curls

Wedding hair pinned curls with crown

Adrienne and Dani Photography

Add a touch of glamour to your curls by pinning the top for some extra volume. Top it off with a sparkly headpiece for a stunning wedding day look.

7. Glam Long Ponytail

Wedding hair curly ponytail

Going full glam? Pull your hair back into this sleek ponytail. It looks super chic and elegant from the front, but you get to show off your long, luxurious locks in the back. Plus you won’t have to worry about fussing with your hair.


8. Braided Barrette

Wedding hairstyle braided barrette

Shane and Lauren Photography

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of done and undone, try this tousled look. Braid your hair to add extra texture. The messy waves are perfect for a beach or boho wedding—but you can rock them regardless of your wedding theme.

Kelly Jones Makeup & Hair

9. Totally Natural Curls

Wedding hair naturally curly

We believe you should be the best version of yourself on your wedding day, so if you have natural curls, make it extra bouncy. Work with your hairstylist to solidify the combination of products that will give you your very best hair day (you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures after all). Then, consider adding in a fun hair accessory like a headpiece, a tiara or a flower crown.

10. Hidden Hair Piece

Wedding hair low bun with jewel

Take any elegant updo to the next level by adding a subtle hairpiece to your locks. The extra touch of sparkle will catch your guest’s attention throughout the day.

Hair/Makeup by: SB Beauty

11. Sleek Topknot With a Back Braid

Wedding hair updo top knot with braid

Markit Photography

Give the iconic topknot style a fun twist by braiding the back of your hair into a bun. It’s a small detail that will add a slightly playful to your already-sophisticated updo.

12. Effortless Fishtail Braid

Wedding hairstyle fishtail braid

If you want your hair out of the way but don’t want to commit to a full updo, consider a structured-but-beautiful braid. We love this fishtail twist because it’s perfectly undone, so you don’t have to worry about your hair frizzing or pieces coming loose during your outdoor summer celebration. The messier it gets, the better it will look.

Hair/Makeup by: Leslie Song

13. Loose Waves With Flower Crown

Wedding hairstyle loose waves with flower crown

The options are endless when it comes to rocking a flower crown on your wedding day. Whether you go for simple greens or colorful flowers, style your hair in loose waves to keep the focus on your stunning hairpiece.

Hair by: Kelle/Mitchell James; Makeup by: Amber Perry

14. Half-Up, Half-Down With Volume

Half-up, half-down with volume

For an ultra-glam look, opt for this fun take on the classic half-up hairstyle. Have your stylist tease the back section of your hair so that it has some serious volume.

Hair/Makeup by: Molly McLemore, Otto + Grand

15. Sleek Ballerina Bun Topknot

Wedding hairstyle topknot

You may think this iconic hair ‘do is only for ballrooms, but it works for any venue. It’s one of the most versatile wedding hairstyles to date. Channel your inner ballerina with a gorgeous and bold topknot, and maybe do a twirl or two on the dance floor.

16. Regal Updo With a Jewel Crown

Wedding hairstyle vintage updo with crown

Fiona Conrad Studio, Inc

Feel like royalty on your wedding day with this gorgeous updo. Twist your hair back and secure it at the nape of your neck. For a final touch, add your favorite tiara to make way for true royalty.

17. Asymmetrical Twisted Updo

Wedding hairstyle updo messy

Jeanni Dunagan

If you don’t want to rock anything too perfect on your wedding day, consider this slightly asymmetrical twisted updo. It looks effortlessly chic.

18. Sleek Center Part

Hair down with center part

Dare to be bold with this sophisticated-yet-simple day-of ‘do. Part your hair down the center for a clean part, then tuck the remaining tresses behind your ears for an ultra-modern wedding day hair look.

Hair by: StyleSeat; Makeup by: Blush on the Boulevard

19. Colorful Ends

loose waves with blue tips

Make your wedding hairstyle (and your hair color) pop by opting for soft simple waves. Top it off with a flower crown to focus on the color of your tresses.

Hair by: SB Beauty

20. Updo With a Flower Crown

Loose updo with flower crown

Play dress up with your bun, ponytail or twist by adding a colorful flower crown to the overall look. A word of advice: talk to your stylist about how to remove it properly so you don’t undo your gorgeous updo.

21. Blown Out Curls Pinned to One Side

Bouncy curls pinned to one side

For an ultra-glam look, have your stylist give you a proper blow out (volume, curls—the works). Then dress it up by pinning one side down with a sparkly barrette. You’ll be shining the whole day.

Hair by: Jaclyn Beith, Salon 8; Makeup by: Ann Mendelsohn, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics

22. Twisted Updo

Twisted updo

Have some statement earrings you want to show off? Consider rocking this gorgeous updo that will keep your hair in place, so you can enjoy your wedding day (and look beautiful while you’re engaging with your loved ones).

Hair by: Todd’s Room

23. Unique Crown

Hair down with crystal crown

Show off your personality by choosing a unique headpiece for your wedding day. We love this crystal crown because it’s a fun spin on a classic tiara.

24. Messy Bun

Wedding Hairstyles Messy Bun


A messy bun manages to look simultaneously effortless and chic.

25. Woven With Ribbon

1650975561 264 The 50 Best Wedding Hairstyles Down Updos amp More.h

Weave a vintage or velvet ribbon into your updo.

26. Sides Pulled Back

Wedding Hairstyles Sides Pulled Back


One of those wedding hairstyles that are always perfect.

27. Elaborate Headdress

Wedding Hairstyles Elaborate Headpiece


Have a unique headpiece custom made just for you.

28. Deep Side Part With One Side Pulled Back

Wedding Hairstyles Deep Side Part With One Side Pulled Back


A romantic style that shows off your face

29. Braid Crown

Wedding Hairstyles Braid Crown


Both artsy and humble, the braid crown fits any style.

30. Big and Bold Glam

Wedding Hairstyles Big and Bold Glam


Get out your hot rollers for big, touchable volume.

31. Vintage Chic Brooch

Wedding Hairstyles Vintage Chic Brooch


A vintage brooch pinned in the hair is a beautiful touch.

32. Pile on the Flowers

Wedding Hairstyles Pile On the Flowers


Bouquets aren’t just for holding anymore!

33. Shoulder-Length Beach Waves

Wedding Hairstyles Shoulder Length Beach Waves


Classic, romantic beach waves are casual and gorgeous.

34. Pastel Highlights

Wedding Hairstyles Pastel Highlights


Love color? Incorporate watercolor hues throughout your hair.

35. Textured Updo

Wedding Hairstyles Textured Updo


Get a beautiful updo that isn’t TOO perfect by adding texture.

36. Undone Bun

Wedding Hairstyles Undone Bun


Calling all cool girls. This messy bun is still perfectly polished.

37. Pearled Headband

Wedding Hairstyles Pearled Headband


Same classic style, but dialed up with extravagant materials.

38. Straight and Silky

Wedding Hairstyles Straight and Silky


Silken tresses catch the light without overshadowing your face.

39. Unstructured Twist

Wedding Hairstyles Unstructured Twist


A timeless style, with (if you will) a twist.

40. A Traditional Headpiece

1650976056 928 The 50 Best Wedding Hairstyles Down Updos amp More.h


Let your traditional headpiece shine by rocking a low updo, like this twisted low bun.

41. Low Ponytail With Volume

Wedding Hairstyles Low Ponytail With Volume


This style is low-maintenance, but high romance.

42. Low and Sleek Ponytail

Wedding Hairstyles Low Ponytail


Highlight a gorgeous neckline with an understated hairstyle. Add in flowers for an extra-romantic vibe.

43. Classic Finger Waves

Wedding Hairstyles Classic Finger Waves


Can’t go wrong with a vintage style this iconic.

44. Twisted Ponytail

Wedding Hairstyles Twisted Ponytail


A ponytail with a softer, more romantic side.

45. Waterfall Braid

Wedding Hairstyles Waterfall Braid


Easily adorned princess hair, without being overly fussy.

46. A Sweet Bow

Wedding Hairstyles Sweet Bow

Si Quiero, by Sira Antequera

Both demure and playful, a bow can go crisp or whimsical.

47. Boho Waves

Wedding Hairstyles Boho Waves

saltwater studios

Use a large curling iron to achieve the perfect beach-blown waves. Style with a center part for an effortlessly chic look.

48. Tied Silk Scarf

Wedding Hairstyles Tied Silk Scarf

Alika Key/

Wear around your ponytail or wrapped around your head.

49. Natural Curls With Decorative Comb

Wedding Hairstytles Natural Curls Wtih Decorative Comb


Highlight your natural texture with a decorative comb.

50. Slicked Back

Wedding Hairstyles Slicked Back


Sleek and edgy, this style is simple but stunning.

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